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KAITLYN HICKMAN  |  Mornings 5-10am / Accounts & Continuity


Born and raised right here in the Sequatchie Valley, from the lovely hamlet of Dunlap, TN... Kaitlyn was more or less born with both the "Country Music" and "Radio" gene, since her father (Travis) was in radio right here at WEPG well before she was born! Kaitlyn grew up in the halls of the radio station and has grown to love it more with every passing year. She's been working behind the scenes and on air at the station now for several years and you can join her along with Logan Carmichael weekday mornings on Logan & Kaitlyn Mornings from 5am-8am!  Then she steps over to join her Dad, Travis, for the weekday Swap & Shop show! Not only is Kaitlyn on air each morning, but she also works behind the scenes in the office taking care of everything from sales and billing to bookkeeping, and other day-to-day operations around the radio stations. When she's not on air or in the office, she's busy with her real full-time job as a Mom of three girls! She loves all kinds of music -- not just country! Her tastes include just about anything from the 90's and 2000's and let's not get started on what a huge fan she is of the band Steppenwolf! Her first claim to radio fame was introducing "Born To Be Wild" on the air on the station at about 9-years-old. Don't let the blonde-ish hair fool ya', because she's the organized one on the morning show weekday mornings -- keeping Travis, Steven, Duke, and whoever she's hosting with on-task, on-point, and making sure the show rolls-on! Listen for Kaitlyn weekday mornings from 5am-10am right here on The River!


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